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We specialize in deep drawing, punching, product assembly, and additional processes such as cutting, press-brake bending, punching, lasering, barrel finishing, and deburring.

Other operations

In addition to deep drawing, stamping and assembling, Priema is able to carry out various techniques. Such as cutting, bending, punching, lasering, tumbling and deburring.
Service at Priema = Peace of mind

Peace of mind

One of Priema’s main objectives is making your life easier.

EDI and Odette

Priema uses EDI for efficient data exchange. For the automotive industry, we work with Odette.

Custom engineering

We always adapt our internal organization to your processes.

Practical design programs

One of the programs we use for 3D drawings is SolidWorks.

Meticulous tool management

Our tool shop manufactures tools and welding fixtures for your prototypes.

Efficient transport

In the Netherlands, our fleet of trucks allows us to minimize transportation costs.
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